USA Pro Floors Hardwood Floor Installation Baltimore


This is your vacuum again. We wrote you earlier to give you a few important reasons to ditch the carpet for hardwood floor installation. We talked about the stunning look of hardwood floors restoration. We also talked how long they last and that Fido can’t run hardwood floors like he has the carpet. I know you also heard from The Mop about installing a laminate floor.Hardwood Floor Installation My esteemed floor cleaning colleague is correct when he says that laminate flooring is affordable. However, so is hardwood flooring. I’ll talk about that and make another couple of points for hardwood floors below.

  • One And You’re Done – How many hardwood floors will you need to install in your life? One. Barring unforeseen accidents and natural disasters, your hardwood floor may just outlive you. When it starts showing its years, a hardwood floor refinishing will snap it right back to it’s younger days. (Note: This works for the floor, not the owner).
  • Hardwood Floors Are An Investment; Carpets Are An Expense – Hardwood flooring increases the value of your home. It tells a prospective buyer that they’ve found their home. Conversely, carpet screams, “Fixer-upper” and “Flip this house”. Which message do you want prospects to hear?
  • You’re An Original. Your Floor Should Be Too – Was the Mona Lisa a “paint by numbers”? No two hardwood floors are the same. The only thing that makes carpet look different is the stains.

Let the professionals at USA Pro Floors make your flooring an original that you won’t have to replace every 10 years. You’ll love the masterpiece they create in your home.