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When it comes to hardwood floors, there are all kinds of options out there. But first and foremost, your best option for hardwood floor restoration in Baltimore is right here. One of the current trends in the industry is distressed wood flooring. Unlike the distressed-wood trend of the 1970s, today’s style of distressed wood flooring is definitely not as extravagant . It just simply imitates the look that was previously seen from the age and use of reclaimed and authentic flooring. floor restoration

Another big trend in the industry is “exotic hardwood floor.” These often are popular options for those who are into nature. Another added advantage to this style is that there is an extensive collection of different styles to choose from. In fact, there is a plethora of other wood options out there for any style as opposed to the standard pine and oak.

“Handscrape hardwood flooring” is yet another popular option. This style is like a throwback in time — think 1800s — when handscrape marks were commonly seen in the flooring of old and, to a degree, historical structure. These marks from a previous time tell the story about the craftsmanship from that era, which is now being replicated in a style that has historical links and, and it’s own style in tune to today. The most popular options today just might be “authenticity,” because it draws upon the past, while incorporating today’s style. Whatever hardwood flooring service you are in the market for, we are happy to accommodate