Learn about our Laminate Floor Process in Baltimore

If, thanks to our previous blog post, you’ve become interested in our laminate floor installation that is available in Baltimore, you are in the right place! We previously went over the many benefits of having laminate floor in Baltimore. If that caught your attention, and you’re ready to invest in new flooring to cover your kitchen and bathrooms, look no further than your local professionals at USA Pro Floors LLC.Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring is pretty straight forward when it comes to the installation process. It has been known to be the go-to flooring for people who have pets, kids, or anyone who just wants an alternative that has an easier upkeep compared to real hardwood floor that needs regular refinishing and more to keep it looking beautiful. To highlight how we install laminate flooring, read the bullet points below:

  • We organize and stack all of the laminate flooring

  • We make sure the subfloor is cleaned and scrape up all of the base molding

  • We install the vapor barrier

  • We’ll trim all of the door jambs that connect to the installation area

  • Finally we will start installing laminate flooring

  • To finish off the installation process we install thresholds and base molding

Above is just a guideline of how we install laminate flooring, but it is different for every home and situation. If you want to learn more about the laminate flooring we have to offer, visit us online today and contact us with any questions you may have. When you choose USA Pro Floors LLC as your go-to installer of choice, you won’t be disappointed!