Hardwood Floor Restoration with Do’s & Don’ts in Baltimore

Are you looking to get hardwood floor restoration in Baltimore? When you call on the professionals here at USA Pro Floors LLC you will be happy with your finished product. We are professional and can install and even perform refinishing touches to your already existing hardwood floors in your current home. Want to learn about the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to hardwood flooring? Keep reading to learn what can hurt your floors and help you keep your hardwood floor in pristine condition.  hardwood floor restoration

Are you worried that you will only damage your hardwood flooring if you’ve spilled something or even worse, scratched it? Here is a list of Do’s that are highly recommended to care properly for your hardwood flooring:

  • Do dust frequently using a lint-free cloth that is ultra soft.
  • Do wipe any liquid spills up immediately with the use of a dry, soft cloth. Make sure you are starting at the edge of the spill and work back towards to center as to protect against water rings.
  • Do limit the amount of sunlight with curtains/blinds. The appearance can be changed over time if you are not maintaining mobility of these features in your home.
  • Do avoid huge jumps in humidity or temperature.
  • Do keep the manufacturer’s maintenance and care instructions just in case you have questions about your flooring. References are always great to have!

Here is a list of huge No-No’s when it comes to caring for your hardwood floors:

  • Don’t use dripping wet cloths to wipe up spills.
  • Don’t expose your floors to plastics, solvents or oils.
  • Don’t use rugs with hard vinyl or rubber backing.
  • Don’t mop waxed and sealed floors. You never want to apply wax to a hardwood floor with a urethane finish either.
  • Don’t use a feather duster. They can unfortunately scratch hardwood surfaces. Make sure you are watching out for vacuums with beater bars as well. We recommend getting a vacuum with hardwood flooring attachments.