3 Critical Reasons For Hardwood Flooring


This is your vacuum cleaner. I need to tell you that it’s about time you get rid of this carpet I’ve been cleaning for the last few years and get a hardwood floor installation from USA Pro Floors in Baltimore.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Why would my vacuum tell me to get rid of the carpet and install hardwood floor?” Hardwood Flooring

Well there’s several reasons why myself and thousands of vacuums nationwide are pleading with their owners to ditch the carpet. Most of our rationale has to do with you, the family and friends that are on the carpet every day, but some of our rationale is about us. However, none of it is personal. We like the carpet. It’s soft, and when it’s new, it’s pleasant to be on and run over. However, as they say out on the docks, that ship sailed a long time ago. So to get the conversation started, here’s a few reasons to tear up that dingy carpet and install hardwood flooring.

  • Hardwood Flooring Is Stunning In Its Elegance – Nothing says you’ve made it like a gorgeous hardwood floor. Your acquaintances will wish they were your friend, and your friends will wish they were you.

  • Hardwood Floors Last Years Longer Than Carpet – Conservatively, you could expect to replace your carpet at least a few times while the hardwood floor just keeps chugging along. The occasional refinish will pop it right back to life too, when it eventually starts to show its wear. Carpeting offers no such “reset” to it. And shampooing doesn’t get everything out.

  • Fido Can’t Ruin Your Hardwood Floor – Dogs and cats are rough on carpet. Hardwood floors hardly even notice that they’re there.

Well, that should get you started on things to consider for your floors. I will post more reasons for hardwood flooring in upcoming posts.